Everything you need to start living your values

Get inspired

Example cultural manifesto

Check an example of our cultural manifestos and see how we translate your business mission to a unique set of values, behaviors and rituals.

Inspiration session – The Culture Factor

A short teaser of our inspiring talk 'The Culture Factor': how successful companies unleash the business value of culture.

Get ready

Mission Statement: a guide to defining the 'why, what and how' of your company

The mission of your company is what should guide your cultural values. Get inspired and use this guide with examples and an interview to help you clearly state your mission.

HR interview: Mapping your current cultural rituals

Use this interview guideline to map both your current cultural values and clearly identify your current team set-up and cultural rituals like hiring, onboarding and evaluations.

The co-writing team pre-read

Invite and prepare the participants of the co-writing sessions.

Get going

Session #1: From mission to values

In this 3 hour workshop we go from your company’s mission to mapping the first draft of your cultural values.

Session #2: From values to behaviors

In this second 3 hour workshop we sharpen your draft values and define examples of what those values look like in daily behaviors.

Session #3: From behaviors to rituals

In this final 3 hour workshop we deliver your cultural manifesto (mission > values > behaviors) and map your cultural rituals.

White papers

White paper: the Business Case of Culture

Need help convincing yourself or others of how culture impacts your bottom line? This whitepaper describes why culture is a massive value generator.