Give words to the why, how & what of your mission

We help you express your business goals & ambition sharply and clearly. So that it can serve as a guiding point on the horizon for formulating your winning culture.

Culture is the means, business is the goal

Culture is not a goal in itself but serves the purpose that drives you as a team. And so a clearly expressed company mission is the indispensable starting point for any effort to guide and strengthen your culture. And the basis on which you and your team can work together to formulate your unique success formula.


Because a clear mission statement serves as the foundation of every culture


A short series of interviews with the leadership team / owner / founder in which we question, formulate and refine together.


A compact and sharply formulated mission statement one-pager, structured in the Why, How & What of your company mission

The people that will help you get it done

Bart ter Steege

Founder & Sr. Culture Consultant

Kimberly Vuurboom

Culture consultant & trainer

Schelto van Heemstra

Employee experience & training

Maressa Joseph


Todor Todorov


Bob van Leeuwen

Employer branding & copy

Sacha Spijker

Employer branding & copy


Cultural Manifesto

Capture your winning culture

We help define your winning culture and deliver your custom Cultural Manifesto that sets the foundation for all your People and Culture practices.


Career Framework

Create the structure to accelerate growth

We provide actionable best practices and guidance as your team defines your growth paths, roles, cycles and competences your team needs to continuously grow.


Employee journey

Culture as a common thread throughout your entire employee journey

Together we design all the rituals in your employees' journey, from first contact to throughout their professional development. From hiring & onboarding to feedback & evaluation.


Culture platform

Run your cultural cycles - consistently

Combine all the tools you need to empower your employees through your cultural company lifecycle.


Team lead training

Empower your team leads

Your team leads are the make or break links in your culture. Our actionable training method empowers and helps them take charge in their role. And manage and develop their team and area of expertise.


Feedback training

Nurture a culture of connection and feedback

Continuous and direct feedback is the goal, yet easier said than done. Our training is aimed to create connection, set positive examples and to positively encourage direct feedback between team members.


Inhouse Culture Support

Our dedicated culture managers boost your culture

Boost your culture by adding a dedicated culture manager to your team. Our culture managers support your team in implementing your team values ​​in all your people processes and ensure that new habits and knowledge make a lasting impact.