Bring your culture to life. In one seamless employee experience.

Our platform provides your entire team with one seamless Employee Experience that allows them to truly be involved and co-own your culture.

Put culture at the heart of all your team rituals

From hiring and onboarding talent to developing your team: SUMM puts your Cultural Values at the heart of of how you and your team collaborate and grow together

Ritual 1: Hiring

Hire culture fit talent, by your companies' cultural ambassadors

Let future talent know what your culture is all about. Empower your team to make hiring decisions that strengthen your culture.

  • Employer branding

    Be vocal about the values that shape your winning culture. SUMM automatically generates your own public, custom branded culture page.

  • Job profile manager

    Empower hiring teams and eliminate biases by offering guided talent interview templates, assessing both hard skills and cultural fit.

  • Interview guides

    Have one source of truth regarding the skills and cultural traits for each position. And easily generate job profiles for hiring efforts.

  • Candidate scoring

    Compare your hiring team’s assessment on several candidates and make informed and well guided group decisions on which talent to select.

Ritual 2: Onboarding

Give your new hires a warm welcome from day one

Set up your own onboarding flow for new employees and make them a part of your culture from the very beginning.

  • Custom onboarding flow

    Set up your own standard onboarding flow. Determine how long, what happens when and which culture ambassadors are part of your welcoming committee at each step.

  • Automated workflows

    Once new talent comes in, SUMM automatically runs your onboarding flow. Inviting and guiding everyone you choose to include in your process, making sure the entire flow runs smoothly.

  • Easy admin status overviews

    Easily stay in control of which new team members are where in the onboarding proces, which actions are next and see all outstanding tasks.

Ritual 3: Evaluation

Grow your teams' qualities with balanced talent evaluations

Run transparent culture-driven 360 evolution cycles that actually help both your people and your culture grow.

  • Culture guided goal setting

    Guide all your members to set their goals, in both learning, targets and cultural growth. Track goals achievement and use them for managers’ term evaluations.

  • Guided manager reviews

    Save managers valuable time by gathering all relevant insights for reviews and support them in having effective and clearly guided review conversation with their team members

  • 360° cultural peer feedback

    Support personal growth whilst including all team members across your organisation in shaping your culture by easily gathering culture driven 360 peer feedback.

Ritual 4: Engagement

Always keep a finger on the pulse with an open line of communications

Keep in touch with progress and offer a secure path for employees to identify room for cultural improvement.

  • Set up custom pulse surveys

    Check the pulse across your teams with your own engagement survey focus points. Six employee engagement metrics: 
Culture, Voice, Recognition, Wellbeing, Teamwork, and Progression.

  • Run automated check-ins

    Time your repeated surveys as you wish and automatically send and gather insights. Frequent check-ins ensure that you can take actions and track their impact.

  • Easy reporting & trends

    Spot trends in your cultural engagement insights and compare engagement across your teams.

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