Frequently Asked Questions

So why use SUMM?

In short: to build a winning company culture. A culture that is transparent, inclusive, and that scales as your business grows. And while you do so: save tons of time and money spent on alignment, feedback, planning, documentation and awkward evaluation talks. So yeah, thats why.

Sounds cool, are we a good fit?

SUMM is designed for SME companies, meaning companies with 25 to 250 employees. SUMM is particularly powerful for companies that employ different kinds of skill sets, invest in the education of their talent and like to work cross-functionally. 

What happens after I request a demo?

After sending us your details our team will get back to you to set up a date for a demo and answer any questions you might have. We are open to doing demos both in person and digitally.

How does the demo session work?

In a demo session with us you will get to meet (part of) the team and see the live product as well as ask any questions you might have for us. A demo session generally takes 45 minutes, depending on how much you'd like to see. You're more than welcome to bring others along from your organisation to help get buy-in and evaluate if we would be a good fit together.

How will my company use SUMM?

All your team members are granted access to the SUMM platform. We help you set-up your company in SUMM so you can make the most out of it. Your team members simply log in with their Google or Microsoft account, using your company email address. Everybody has their own documents and tasks, depending on their roles.

What am I paying for?

We help our clients by defining their culture and shaping their teams and evaluation cycle. These collaborative workshops cost €9000 in total (only €6000 when combined with a SUMM platform subscription). You can read more about the contents of these workshops on our manifesto page. The successive costs for the use of the platform are €9,- per employee, per month. If you are only interested in the use of the platform, contact us and we can discuss a tailor-made price for you.

How is SUMM different from other solutions?

Simply put: there is not other solution that allows you to put your unique culture at the heart of your entire employee journey. 

Sure, there are several tools out there that can support you with onboarding new talent. Or with employee engagement. Or with your evaluation cycle. Meaning you (and your employees) would have to learn to use different tools for every step of the journey. No thanks.

SUMM is the only platform that offers all those solutions in one experience. Lovely to use, simple to run and with your unique culture at the heart of every interaction.

What about our clients confidentiality?

In SUMM, personal data is stored that is not meant for everyone to see. That’s why we take good care of who has access to which data. This means:

- SUMM follows the principle of confidentiality by design. This means that users do not get access to specific information unless it is explicitly defined that they should access it. For example: personal feedback (and other sensitive input) is only accessible to the person the input concerns and her/his specific team lead.

- It is strictly controlled what information (and in what format) arrives at the client. For example, aggregations directly arrive pre-calculated for the user, in order to prevent the user from having access to the individual feedback. 

- Only the admin, which is appointed by your company, has access to all stored information and we encourage our clients to not have more admins than is required.

- We actively remind our clients to delete employee data when someone leaves the client's company.

What about privacy?

Input stored in SUMM (such as feedback or evaluations) are considered ‘personal information’ in the legal sense of the term. And so, SUMM and companies using SUMM have a data processing agreement in place. In this data processing agreement we state:

- We consider all your client data yours. This data will never: be shared outside of SUMM (and our technical partners); will not be saved any longer that you are an active SUMM user and can, at any time, be requested to handover and/or have all data deleted.

- No additional personal data is stored that is NOT explicitly written by the users. This means that we don’t store IP addresses, locations, phone numbers, access dates/times and such.

- The only cookies used in SUMM are the ones necessary for authentication. They are only accessible by the SUMM domain.

- SUMM pro-actively lets clients know whenever we start using any new sub-processors. We will proactively let clients know whenever our privacy policies change (including changes to how the information will be used) by email and we are always available to answer any questions clients or individual users might have regarding privacy and data usage (via our support feature where all questions can be posted).

What about security?

SUMM guarantees to have security measures in place to make sure input does not accidentally gets mixed up, shared with or made available to any third parties that should not have access:

​​- Login: We only use Google / Microsoft login solutions and do not store passwords/login of clients. SUMM always verifies the authenticated users using keys and signatures from Google / Microsoft to prevent impersonation. All access tokens are cryptographically signed using a secret key, not provided to developers. Access tokens have a lifespan of 1 hour.

- Hosting: we use hosting solutions from Amazon Web Services (and the security measures that come with that). All of the information is stored in a single secured MongoDB database. Computations are performed on serverless functions on Netlify (which itself is a layer on top of AWS). All of the data is stored in the EU (Frankfurt). There are no local copies of the data outside of the data centers (e.g in personal computers). The backups are stored in the same place.

- All client - server communication is encrypted using an HTTPS connection.

- SUMM has explicit protection mechanisms implemented against the OWASP TOP 10 Web Application Security Risks of 2021.

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