Improvements to our evaluation cycle

Platform release notes September '22

Dear SUMM users ♥️

We celebrate our one year anniversary 🎉 by releasing fresh improvements to our platform. And while we are working on some very big updates for 2023, we have a lot of minor improvements to make everyone’s term reviews a lot better. We listened to your suggestions and made things more intuitive and clear to use. We hope you love them. Here we go!

Hello Term Reviews!

At the end of the term, we summarise your activity in the Term Reviews on your profile. We redesigned this page to give more space to the content and to allow for more overview into your tasks and past activity. Term Reviews are now created before evaluations, so it’s clearer where you are in the process of evaluations and which feedback is still incoming. Term reviews are created for everyone in your company, even if they didn’t partake in some parts. We also created more space for notes, and they are now accessible by yourself, team leads, buddies and admins. Now, truly everything about your reviews can be safely kept in SUMM. 


Evaluations are now split up into a separate Goals evaluation and Skills evaluation. Admins can decide for their company to only evaluate either in their company settings. Evaluations can be taken directly from the new Term Reviews page. We also redesigned the evaluation form to give you a better overview of your skills and goals. The request to wrap up collections is removed, so the process is much quicker now. 

Progress pages

Team leads and admins can now enjoy a cleaner overview page and filter their lists on Requested actions to do - showing only the tasks that are waiting for you to complete. If a custom lead was assigned to someone in your team - you can now see their progress too! Admins can also exempt people from evaluations for that term - if the timing’s bad for them or if someone is on long term leave. This way your tracking overview is clean again. 


  • It is now possible to be an admin and a lead at the same time
  • People without leads now don’t partake in the automated evaluation cycle anymore, but can still be part of feedback.
  • Admins don’t have leads anymore - unless a custom lead is assigned.
  • Admins were automatically a lead of teams without leads - not anymore. Teams need to be assigned a lead specifically now.
  • Added emails to keep custom leads more in the loop on their people
  • Improvements to flows - less clicks = more better!
  • Avatars and role icons are now consistently showed
  • People filters are now smaller in size, giving you more focus on what’s important
  • Clarified some copy on pages, modals, emails and code.
  • Refined colours and fonts
  • Archived people now have tags to make them stand out as archived
  • Redirect some buttons so they actually lead you to where you should’ve been led
  • We added warnings for when it’s a bad time to make changes to something
  • Minor visual updates

Note: In regards to your privacy

We take your privacy very serious and all your data and content is stored encrypted in our database. This means your name is never linked to your data. Only your admin, lead and assigned buddy have access to your profile. Reviews, feedback and personal growth are sensitive topics and we treat them as such. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at

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