Put your culture to work

Every company and every team has it: its own culture. You feel that, but can you also make it tangible? Usable? For new and existing team members?

SUMM helps you shape a team culture that powers the growth of your company and your people. So you can attract the right talent, retain the best people and create the conditions for sustainable growth based on your core values.

We are SUMM

We help employers and teams define their winning culture together, embed it in their organization and apply it consistently throughout their entire employee journey. That sounds serious (and it is), but we take every step with pleasure and in good cooperation with every team member.

Make your culture explicit

We help you and your team define your winning culture. We record this in your own Cultural Manifesto, the basis for every next step in the employee experience.

Make your culture workable

If you know within which frameworks you want to operate, we can translate those team values ​​into recruitment, the onboarding of new talent and the growth paths within your organization.

Make your culture come alive

We offer you and your team all the tools, training and support you need to bring your culture to life, apply it consistently and make lasting impact.

All the guidance & tools you need for lasting cultural impact 

Committed to strengthen your culture but no idea where to start? No problem. We guide you through an illuminating process to jointly define what unites you as a team. With practical tools and smart collaboration, you will then be put in the driver's seat to embed and expand your culture as a basis for your success.

Our method: a well-defined approach for unique results

No combination of people and qualities is the same, and we have therefore never encountered the same team. Yet the road to a mature, strong team culture always follows the same steps.

We know these steps from our own experience and in every context, and we are happy to guide you and your team through all the important moments. This way you can easily find the words and behaviors that make you unique as a team.

Put culture at the heart of all your team rituals

From hiring and onboarding talent to developing your team: SUMM puts your Cultural Values at the heart of of how you and your team collaborate and grow together

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’

Fact: Teams that share strong cultural values ​​win in every way. They are happier, attract more talent, retain that talent longer, and have greater adaptability and productivity. But it is often precisely the culture that gets snowed under when there is rapid growth, different teams are merged, or your organization takes a new direction. With our well-thought-out method and the proven SUMM platform, you invest in a solid foundation at times when a shared culture needs to show its strongest side.

Culture keeps you focussed

Is your team growing so fast that your culture can barely keep up? Now is the time to define your cultural DNA and make it scalable for the future.

Culture provides clarity

Where multiple teams come together through restructuring, collaboration or acquisition, a culture action plan contributes to shared success.

Culture grows & retains talent

A culture of personal growth and development is the best way to keep top talent engaged and part of your team.

Why our clients love us

Joni Uhlenbeck


‘Our company is growing quite fast. SUMM really helps us to stay true to our DNA while our team expands.’

Our story: made by us, for companies like us.

Our drive to help SME teams build winning cultures comes from having been such a team ourselves. This is why we truly understand the cultural needs and context of companies like us. And this is why we know our method works.