get ready

The co-writing team pre-read

Being well prepared is half the work right? So make sure you invite the participants (we recommend 6-8) for your upcoming manifesto co-writing sessions. Give them the opportunity to read up, create clear expectations of why and how you're going to move forward and help them prepare.

  • Set clear expectations for your whole writing team
  • Easy pre-read to share with your co-writing participants
  • Explaining the why, how and what of the culture manifesto process

Other resources

Mission Statement: a guide to defining the 'why, what and how' of your company

The mission of your company is what should guide your cultural values. Get inspired and use this guide with examples and an interview to help you clearly state your mission.

HR interview: Mapping your current cultural rituals

Use this interview guideline to map both your current cultural values and clearly identify your current team set-up and cultural rituals like hiring, onboarding and evaluations.

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