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Session #2: From values to behaviors

In the second workshop, out of a series of 3 in total, we take your first rough sketch of your future cultural manifesto to the test in a series of exercises. And by doing so we make it a bit sharper at each step of the process and turn it into a substantial draft version, supported by clear example behaviors. We close of the 3 hour agenda by looking forward to the ideal structure in teams and future team leads.

  • A 3 hour workshop, ideally done by a group of 6 to 8 participants and 1 facilitator
  • Divided into smaller time slots with clear exercises
  • Guiding you from the first rough sketch of your future manifesto into a substantial draft version

Other resources

Session #1: From mission to values

In this 3 hour workshop we go from your company’s mission to mapping the first draft of your cultural values.

Session #3: From behaviors to rituals

In this final 3 hour workshop we deliver your cultural manifesto (mission > values > behaviors) and map your cultural rituals.

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