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Mission Statement: a guide to defining the 'why, what and how' of your company

Step into the world of inspiring missions and vibrant cultures! Where culture is the means and mission is the goal. Why is a mission-driven culture so crucial? Because it not only guides decision-making and strategy, but also creates a sense of direction and engagement for your employees.

Your mission simply states why your company exists, what you do, and especially how you accomplish this together. And let's be honest, it's that 'how' that forms a winning culture! But how do you formulate a powerful mission? Discover it in our guide! Dive into the Mission Statement interview, packed with questions for your leadership so they can formulate the mission crystal clear. Plus, enjoy a variety of examples of mission statements from various industries.

The guide includes:

  • An explanation and ample examples of mission statements to inspire you
  • The interview guide for an interview of approximately 45-60 minutes

So you can formulate a clear Mission Statement that can support your culture and serve as a starting point for both the co-writing team and the development of the career framework.

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